Soft-roaders, mashups and beacons: Toyota’s FT-4X and what people are saying

Automaker Toyota unveiled its all-new concept subcompact crossover, the FT-4X, at the 2017 New York Auto Show to much fanfare. The FT-4X definitely plays to the younger audience, providing features that those born in the last 30 years are craving for. The FT-4X is geared toward those seeking adventure in the rugged outdoors, a rugged crossover meant to be banged up as a part of its everyday travels.

This may not have been what everyone was expecting from Toyota but it certainly surprises care enthusiasts in the best way possible. The crossover features a GoPro digital camera that is built directly into the driver’s side mirror, removable door hands that are quickly turned into water bottles, side panels that can be swapped with replacement glass window panels, bright colored tow hooks that will surely attract a portion of female adventurers.

The Ft-4X certainly looks the part of a rugged, off-road monster and a hipster-looking land cruiser that will attract those fresh out of college. In today’s marketplace surely there is room for the FT-4X to not only exist, but to thrive. Some may compare it to a mashup of a Kia Soul and a Jeep Renegade and that may be a fair assessment. Who says you can’t have fun and look cool while doing it? The folks at Toyota sure seem to think that both can be achieved, although it is not yet known if the FT-4X will ever make it from concept to the showroom floor. Only time will tell.

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Emily Daniel
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