Auke Hoekstra’s Presentation of The Projection of Global Solar Adoption

In the presentation of data, using a picture is more efficient than in words. Other than creating a visual appeal, when data is presented in the form of a chart or graph, understanding and analyzing the information becomes easy. Looking at the statistics provided by global institutions on solar installation for electricity generation, it is evident that a lot more could be done as the data from these agencies are quite conservative.

Auke Hoekstra, however, did a better job in presenting data that better shows the growth of solar installation around the world. Looking at the chart he created and shared as a tweet; it is easy to draw the conclusion that solar energy is being adopted at a faster pace than what reputable energy institutions are stating.

After creating his chart, Hoekstra posted it on twitter in mid-May and has since been shared by a vast majority of Twitter users who are part of the online renewable energy community. In creating the chart, Hoekstra used data provided by the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook an institution that focuses on global solar adoption. The data presented by this institution is based on the gigawatts of electricity added on a yearly basis.

In the creation of Hoekstra’s chart, data from as early as 2002 on solar projections released by the International Energy Agency was used. The latest data in the graph is from 2017. When Hoekstra was asked why there is a variation between the data his chart provided is different from ones released by other institutions, he stated that industry experts tend to be conservative when giving projections in their field. Additionally, Hoekstra doesn’t believe that the difference in solar adoption statistics is as a result of manipulation by established institutions in the industry or by political factions.

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