Solar Powered RV’s

There are several benefits to having a solar powered RV. The first benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the electric hookups anymore. Most of the time, when you are traveling with an RV, you are going to need to find a place that has an electric hookup for the RV. Then when you do, you might have to worry about faulty wiring and surges with this electric hookup. But the solar panels are going to allow you to use of the appliances inside of your RV without looking for a place to hookup the RV at your location.

The second benefit is that you won’t have to depend on a gas generator to make things work inside of the RV. There can be a lot of different problems that can come from a gas generator. It is going to be especially great because you don’t have to spend any more money on gas. You will be helping to save the planet because the gas generators emit dangerous fumes that are very unhealthy and unpleasant. The gas generators can also be a potential fire hazard. Plus with the gas generators, you might not be able to relax since is very loud.

The third benefit is that you are going to be able to extend the life of your RV. Depending on the battery of the RV can be very disturbing. This is because they should be discharged at below 25% of their normal capacity. This means that the recharging is gradually going to happen. Because of this, it is going to reduce the life and capacity of your battery over time. But the solar panel systems are going to give your battery a more steady charge. This means that it is going to be above the normal capacity of 25%.

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Carl Michael
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