Subaru Aims to Get Serious About Micro Sales in World’s Biggest Market

Subaru is about to get a lot more serious about its sales in the world’s largest auto market, China. For years the market in China has not been kind to Subaru, as the automaker has had declining sales for years. In fact, while Subaru plans to sell some 680,000 vehicles in the Unite States in 2018, their forecast for China is a paltry 30,000 vehicles. Given that disparity, it is high time that they do something about the dwindling sales in a market where all the major players are thriving.

That 30,000 vehicles is the minimum that the company needs to sell in order to maintain their sales network, so the company is making plans to ramp up their sales. They have been in contact with local Chinese manufacturers to build a joint production facility in the country. They had an agreement with Chinese small car maker, Chery, but the deal was nixed by the Chinese government. Despite that setback, the company remains hopeful that a deal can be struck in the near future. Subaru is the only major car maker that does not have a production facility in the country of China. If they want to remain viable they must find a solution to this problem, and the executives will be responsible if they cannot.

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Joel Stocksdale
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