Subaru Calls On The Barkley’s Once More

During the recent Screen Actors Guild or SAG Awards this past week Subaru began running its new line of commercials which utilizes a previous strategy of theirs by having dogs be the drivers of their vehicles. The canine family affectionately known as The Barkley’s have been a hit for Subaru for all of the following reasons:

  • Connecting With Their Audience
  • Knowing Their Customer Base
  • Repeating What Has Worked

Connecting With Their Audience

Subaru realizes that nearly half of all Americans own dogs and of pet owners nearly 75% own a dog. By including one of the most lovable creatures in the animal kingdom in their ads they knew exactly how to tug at the heart strings of their audience.

Knowing Their Customer Base

Subaru has long been a car company who has made products for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors and maybe would even describe themselves as weekend warriors. This demographic makes up a very high percentage of dog ownership meaning that those already most likely to buy their vehicles now have an even further incentive to do so.

Repeating What Has Worked

Subaru has run ads like these before and immediately noticed they were popular among the general public. They felt there was no need to stray fro a winning formula with the current line of ads. If history repeats itself, this may very well become a staple for the Subaru brand.

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Joel Stocksdale
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