Super Charging Highway being built

Traveling around the Old Continent by electric car is now possible, provided you have a Tesla Model S sedan. The future therefore seems to be moving towards paid fast charge networks, managed by private operators. Anyway, for manufacturers of fast charging stations and ultra-fast charging stations, the future looks very promising.

Enough to encourage users to travel the roads of Europe where nearly 300 stations are now open in the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany and Slovenia. For the places where stations are now open, the reception seems to be rather positive. With more than 200 Superchargers, the charging network of manufacturer Tesla Motors is becoming denser in Europe.

It is enough to compare the range of German premium specialists with the (small) Californian manufacturer to take stock of the upheavals to come in the world of the premium auto industry. On the other hand, new Tesla owners will still be entitled to a credit of 400 kWh, enough to cover about 1,500 km.

Tesla hopes to promote home charging for everyday needs…easier said than done with batteries of 70 kWh minimum, which require many hours of recharging. The stations, on the other hand, are available for free for life to all Tesla Model S and Model X owners. Users can therefore recharge on the superchargers at any time, without having to wait for a terminal to become available.

By the end of 2017, Tesla aims to double the size of this network, which will further increase its lead over potential competitors. For a full charge, it takes 75 minutes. More than 800 stations are now available around the world, with 5000 superchargers.

For superchargers, the Californian manufacturer can rely on the usage data of the superchargers since these terminals are supervised directly by the manufacturer. Reserved for Tesla Model S only, Superchargers already cover more than 90% of the population in the United States. Two axes are planned: to extend the number of recharging points per station and to set up more stations.

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