Super extreme aerodynamics solar vehicles

Super extreme aerodynamics solar vehicles are vehicles that are entirely powered by solar energy through the extensive use of the photo voltaic cell of the solar panel. The solar panel charges the battery and acts as a source of electric current. The current is then directed to a direct current motor where the electric field interacts with the magnetic field to produce rotary motion. Through a series of gear units, the rotary movement of the motor shaft is relayed to the wheels to give final drive on the road. Example of the solar-powered vehicle is an immotus sports car which has the following characteristics:

Immotus cars are designed using high technology developed by Australian, Aurora solar car team. They are a new breed of racing cars with eco-friendly features. This is because it uses solar energy which is clean and reduces the environmental pollution significantly. The immotus car produces own power using the 7m2 solar photovoltaic panel. Large area maximizes the absorption of solar energy. In case the solar energy is not sufficient, the battery can be connected to mains electricity for charging and then it is used in the vehicle.

The Immotus car has high stability at high speed with high cornering ability. The aerodynamics is achieved by increasing downforce through increasing downward pressure. The car is also of lightweight and sleek shape to reduce drag and wind noise. Stability is also achieved by integrating the wheel arcs and the light into overall shape; this gives it a streamlined appearance hence significant reduction of the vicious drug co-efficiency. The car, therefore, experiences less air resistance.

The Immotus car is used in racing because it has high speed. In solar condition, the vehicle moves at speed more than 60 km/h for unlimited distance unlike petroleum cars with limited distance due to overheating of the engine. They are also more powerful than diesel and gas cars because of generated power for propulsion.

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