Switzerland will have all-electric and fully autonomous buses as soon as next year

Electric cars are becoming the thing of the future. The technology in vehicles is becoming very powerful and quite cool. Electric cars are vehicles that run solely on the power of electricity. The electricity is stored in a battery that is held within the car. The car batteries are charged using traditional plug ins. On a full charge, they can drive as far, if not farther than a traditional car with a full tank of gas. Cars are also developing technology that makes driving much easier. Some cars can help you stay in lanes, park for you, or even drive for you. The idea of self driving cars is becoming very popular among consumers. People love the idea of getting in a car and letting it do all the work for them. In recent news, there will reportedly be self driving, fully electric buses driving themselves around Switzerland as soon as next year. If this project is a success, they will be the first to implement a fully autonomous transportation method into the system. The companies behind the technology of these buses are BestMile and Navya. With their battery packs, they will be able to reach speeds of up to 45 km/H. Before officially putting these buses on the roads, they will continue to test them for up to two years. The buses will not only save the environment with reduced fuel emissions, they will also save companies money because they won’t need to pay for drivers or gas.