Takata is Being Held Accountable

The Takata Corporation is a company based in Japan that makes parts for automobiles. One of the parts they produce are airbags, which have recently been in the news for exploding with too much force causing injury, and even death.

Takata’s airbags have been delivering too much force upon being deployed, killing 21 people globally and injuring hundreds more. The company has reached a settlement that will ultimately send them into bankruptcy. Car makers had to issue recalls and warnings world wide for their customers to not drive vehicles with these Takata airbags in them as part of the biggest recall in automotive history. The settlement reached agrees to send compensation to those affected by the faulty airbags. Another agreement is in the courts currently to prevent those injured by the airbags from suing specific car companies, and instead only receiving compensation from Takata themselves. Payouts would range from thousands to millions depending on the damage done by the airbags.

Takata is definitely paying for their mistake, and won’t be able to produce these broken airbags any longer. Unfortunately, paying out millions in compensation to those injured or killed by these airbags will not reduce the amount of harm done to the customer both physically, and emotionally.