Tenneco earnings, revenue rise in Q4

Tenneco is one of the leading providers and companies in the automotive industry. While many different industries have seen a lot of fluctuation over the past few years, the automotive industry has continued to see a lot of demand and stability as consumers continue to need drive cars even in a range of economic cycles. The company is also able to keep up with changes to technology to ensure it continues to attract consumer and commercial clients.

Due to the continued strong business plan, Tenneco has continued to do very well with its earning. The company recently reported new fourth-quarter numbers in 2017, which resulted in an EPS of around $1.89 per share. This EPS was considered to be a very good number compared to most analysts’ projections. T he average analyst projected that the company would earn about $1.64 EPS. Furthermore, it is a big jump compared to 2016 when they earned $1.63 EPS.

While EPS was up, so was overall revenue. In the fourth quarter of 2017, the company earned just under $2.40 billion, which was about four percent higher than analyst projections and a big improvement compared to the prior year. The overall performance of the company was due to growth in a number of new product lines.

The new financials continue to be a good sign for the company. Tenneco has made many different efforts to try and expand into new product lines to attract more customers. Several of these have clearly been successful and the company is doing quite well.

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