Tesla Autopilot

Tesla is a car company that delivers high quality electric vehicles to the market. They are known for creating very high quality, all electric cars. Some of their most outstanding creations include a semi that can drive 400 miles on a 30 minute charge as well as a sports car that can reach 60 MPH in under two seconds. They have given consumers hope that the near future may be filled with electric cars. Those who are looking to buy a Tesla vehicle may be in luck. Direct Line, the largest car insurer in Britain, has confirmed that they would lower the rates of Tesla vehicle drivers. The reason behind this is the advanced autopilot features within the Tesla vehicles. Tesla is beginning to release very high quality autopilot technology. The system allows some of the cars to drive on their own during certain circumstances. Due to this, car insurance agencies are offering discounted rates for those drivers. They believe that autopilot will reduce the risk of a crash and that discounts are reasonable. Direct Line isn’t the first insurer to offer a discount of the such, and they probably won’t be the last. For some, this discount is serving as an incentive to buy Tesla vehicles. For others, the fact that a fully electric car can drive itself is enough to spark their interest. Either way, the main focus is that Tesla is working to reduce car accidents. We may see more electric cars driving very soon.