Tesla is designing its own computer chip for self-driving cars

So, Tesla is designing its own computer chip for self-driving cars, and we for one are incredibly excited about this news prospecting information. Tesla has already been an outstanding achiever in the area of the automobile. The electric car is a great step in the direction of not only doing less harm to the atmosphere but also pushing us closer to the future.

And now with the electric car looking to add to their vehicles – self-driving capabilities – Tesla is looking to not make history but create history.

The idea of the electric chip is truly genius – because this idea has the potential to prevent so many car accidences. Think of how amazing it would be to have your car drive you home after you have had a long night out drinking and partying.

The self-driving car has the potential to save so many lives, end many accidents and even better continue to advance the field of science and technology.

Maybe it’s because I am a huge Elon Musk fan, so my opinion may be biased, don’t hold that against me.

However, wehn you take in some of these considerations of the Tesla – it is looking to be an amazing car, and it is already is. The added smart features of driving itself are looking to be a truly revolutionizing event that will surely shale up to the automobile industry.

The Tesla, clean for the environment, futuristic with its energy and now really soon to be one of the safest vehicles to drive, or in this case, not drive.

But that still is a good thing.

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Joel Stocksdale
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