Tesla’s Battery Pre-Heating Feature

Tesla is a car company that produces fully electric vehicles. Some of their notable achievements include their fully electric semi truck and sports car. Their semi truck can apparently drive up to 400 miles on only a 30 minute charge. Their sports car on the other hand, can reach speeds up to 60 MPH in under two seconds. In recent times, Tesla has invested into finding a more efficient use of their battery. They want to have a pre-heating feature that will help their battery to run more efficiently in the cold weather. They have partnered with BMW to find an answer to the solution. BMW has reportedly invested $240 million into a new battery cell center. They hope to increase the range of their electric vehicles to 430 miles. There will be 200 workers at the facility who strive to create a more efficient battery. They will work at the cellular level of the technology to create an upgraded version. BMW even plans to release 12 new elective vehicles by 2025. The first of which, they hope to announce by 2019. If they meet their expectations, the company will greatly exceed the original range possible from a single charge. The upgrade would greatly sway consumer interest in their favor. With all of the electric car producers in the industry today, they will need something to set them apart from others. BMW plans to do just that with their outstanding mileage expectations. If they accomplish this task, they will thrive.