Tesla Model 3 Range

The Tesla model 3 is a very futuristic vehicle. The Model 3 has some of the most amazing features available on vehicles today. To begin, like most of the Tesla vehicles, the Model 3 runs on electricity rather than fuel. Doing so, consumers can save gobs of money in the long run. On a single charge, the Model 3 has the capability of doing a whopping 220-310 miles. The vehicle has been announced but has not yet hit the markets. For only $35,000 bucks, anyone can reserve the car early. By doing so, you will be one of the first to receive the new Model 3. The vehicle will be delivered to you sometime during mid 2018. The vehicle has some impressive aspects to it. First of all, the Model 3 can do a 0-60 mph run in around 5 seconds. The car seats 5 adults, and has a sweet 15 cubic feet of cargo space. There is a 15 inch digital display mounted in the vehicle. It has WiFi and LTE internet connecting capabilities. The car also features Keyless entry and remote climate control with app Voice activated controls. Almost half a million customers have already preordered this vehicle. Tesla allegedly released news that at least four colors will be available. The car will come in red, silver, metallic gray, and black. This vehicle has smart capabilities, featuring eight cameras, one radar sensor, 12 ultrasonic sensors. Some of the best features will cost a little extra. For example, it costs an extra $5,000 to activate the Enhanced Autopilot feature at the time of purchase. Overall, for all of the features that this car has to offer, it is quite affordable. The car will likely be highly rated once it officially hits the market. Check out the Tesla Model 3!
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Carl Michael
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