Tesla Recalls 11,000 Model X Crossovers

The Tesla Model X is Elon Musk’s third attempt at a pure electric luxury car. Most people would say it is a pretty good attempt as well. Those people probably have already forgotten about the two-year delay the car had. The car was delayed because Mr. Musk wanted the Model X to have Falcon-style rear doors. After this long wait, we finally get our hands on a Model X and they are now being recalled.

11,000 Model X crossovers are being recalled because of a faulty cable in the second-row bench seats. They had two extra years to make the car as perfect as possible and there was already a recall. To Tesla’s credit, it was not a design flaw. It was a flaw in how they were being manufactured at Tesla’s Freemont, California assembly plant. This doesn’t seem like that big of a recall compared to some of the larger manufacturers but in the last quarter of 2016 Tesla only sold 9,500 Model Xs. They delivered 11,550 cars in the first three months of 2017 and those were all recalled. I admit making 11,550 cars in 6 months is impressive for Tesla to do as a small niche manufacturer, but when every car you sold is faulty there is an issue.

This recall is going to set Tesla Service centers back even further than they already were. Tesla does not have any official Tesla certified shops that are not owned by the company. That means if you own a Tesla you take it to Tesla to have it fixed or you void your warranty. This practice has led to Tesla having to give out loaner cars for months while people wait for their cars to be fixed and with such a large recall I only expect things to get worse.

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Emily Daniel
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