Tesla Semi sets new record

Tesla is a car company that sells high quality, all electric vehicles. They produce some of the top electric vehicles on the market. The first thing that you will notice when you look at one of their vehicles is that it looks very sleek. Their cars have a very smooth, sharp look and appear to be very expensive. They are a little pricey, although they are affordable. Their vehicles run entirely on the power of an electric charged battery. They can go about as far on a battery that traditional cars can go on a full tank of gas. One of the popular creations of Tesla is their all electric semi truck. The truck is very sharp looking and has even better power output than most semi trucks currently on the market. After only charging for 30 minutes, the semi truck can drive up to 400 miles.

Due to the fact that it runs entirely on electricity, it can save big companies a lot of gas money. A handful of producers are interested in implementing Tesla semi trucks into their system. Tesla set record high sales in the recent months. UPS topped out any other company stating that they want 125 of them. Next was Pepsi, who wants 100. The third, fourth, and fifth companies combine to 105 more trucks reserved. With all this news, it can be assumed that the Tesla semi will be a hit. Many companies will want the Tesla semi and use it to save money.