Tesla Set to Take On the Trucking Companies

Whatever your opinion of Elon Musk and his electric car company, Tesla, you have to agree that the man is determined, resourceful, and will probably rule the world some day. You may have heard that Musk wants to turn our roof shingles into mini solar panels and you certainly know that Tesla makes some of the finest all electric cars on the market, but now Tesla is going to venture into another arena: Big rig trucking.

You heard that right, Tesla is set to release new information on their semi truck that runs on batteries. Elon referred to this truck as a “beast” himself, so we know it will live up to Tesla’s reputation for quality and performance. Tesla, surprisingly, is not the first to venture into the alternate fuel powered semi truck, as Toyota, Cummins and Navistar have all either fielded a prototype or unveiled a concept. However, Tesla has a reputation for putting out such quality products that people will start to pay attention.

Zero emission trucking is a large priority for several countries across the globe, and for some states here in the US. It is very likely that in our lifetimes we will see a major shift away from fossil fuels to alternate powered vehicles that run on electricity, hydrogen, etc. Tesla is leading the way in this major push by getting into the market while it is still early, building a reputation for this branch and being able to test new ideas and products.

Tesla currently offers several levels of trim on their personal electric vehicles, the cheapest of which runs about $35,000. It is likely that this heavy duty all electric truck will be the priciest offering in the Tesla portfolio for the foreseeable future, but the payoffs of owning a zero emissions truck will be readily available for those companies or individuals that seek to purchase one.

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Carl Michael
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