How cheap is the Tesla Semi Truck?

The Tesla Semi Truck has caught a lot of buzz in the recent weeks. First, lets explore the new semi and some of its interesting features. The semi is completely electric, making it completely emission free. This is a one of a kind thing, as trucking companies would be able to save a lot of money on gas. On one charge, the semi is expected to be able to drive a range of about 300 to 500 miles. 80% of all routes are less than 250 miles, so this range so be more than enough. The truck will be capable of holding a 80,000 pound payload. There will allegedly be two versions of the truck offered. The powerful trucks will do a 0-60 mph acceleration in about 20 seconds. This truck is powered by the same motors found in the companies Model 3, however these trucks have four- one on each axel.
The truck allegedly saves 200,000 in fuel costs, paying for itself in only two years. The actual price of the truck has yet to be officially announced, however Tesla is taking $5,000 down deposits to reserve. This truck is like no other semi found on the market. This semi has the capability to outrun any of its opponents. One quick fact, traditional diesel trucks have the average capability of doing only 45 mph up a 5% incline. The Tesla Semi has the capability of doing 65 mph at the same incline levels. Doing the math, if you are driving through mountains or something of the sort with an incline like this, you will earn 50% more while driving in the Tesla Semi rather than a diesel truck. Overall, it appears that the Tesla Semi will be the thing of the future. This truck has brought many amazing upgrades.
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Carl Michael
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