Tesla’s new Roadster

Tesla launched the production of their new Model 3 back in July. However, they haven’t provided much insight on the specifications of the car since then. Recently, a video was unveiled that provided a few more specifications on the vehicle.

To begin, the video highlights on the greater air conditioning efficiency due to the routing of the ducts. The Model 3 has flush handles, and the video shows how to open the doors. Tesla owners can use their smartphones, with an app that unlocks the doors when they approach the vehicle.

A key card can be used as well, just waive it in front of the door to unlock it. While inside the car, there is a button that opens the door automatically, however there is a regular latch as well. Interestingly, the center gauge is not facing the driver. Tesla says it will provide a better driver view, and the speed is seen in the drivers peripheral vision. To be clear, the video was not an official review of the vehicle.

It is also unknown if Tesla approved the release of the video. Some of the specifications talked about in the video had consumer questioning the changes made in the car. However, it can’t be truly stated what quality this vehicle has until more people are actually behind the wheel. Tesla is know for producing high quality, reliable vehicles which is likely the case here as well. Overall, the Tesla Model 3 looks like a nice car, although some feature will be new to drivers.

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Emily Daniel
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