Tesla’s Model 3: Slowest. Rollout. Ever

The Tesla 3 is a car that a lot of drivers have been waiting on, but they will have to wait even longer because this seems to be the slowest roll out ever. Drivers are anxious to get behind the wheel of a new Tesla, but this slow roll out appears to be something that many drivers were not expecting.

The reality is that Tesla has more of a focus on quality. It is possible that there is a risk of losing some customers because of this perfectionist type concept wear this company focus is on becoming the best manufacturer of cars. In one aspect it is good that the company would take this time to put such a big focus on quality, but it is also a bad thing if It runs consumers away that are tired of waiting for the car.

Ultimately, this will be a good thing because it allows people that may not have even had Tesla on their radar to consider this car manufacturer. The fact that there is a big focus on quality over mass production makes the Tesla stand out. People that are interested in quality and safety are going to pay more attention to Tesla.

it is true that people that have been fans of the first and second editions of the Tesla maybe disgruntled. They may go in a different direction. Others that are looking at this call for quality improvement, however, may make a decision to buy the Tesla 3.

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Joel Stocksdale
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