Tesla’s online trip planner maps out life as an EV owner

• For many consumers, the uncertainty of finding a reliable charging station is enough to dissuade them from purchasing an electric vehicle.

• With public charging stations are still far less common than gas stations, EV owners cannot always be certain where or how far they can travel.

• EV automaker Tesla is trying to reduce that uncertainty with a new online trip-planning tool that suggests routes with EV charging stations along the way.

• The tool assumes that you begin your journey with a full charge and tells you exactly how long you will have to spend at each station to make it to the next.

• The new mapping tool comes as Tesla expands their Supercharger network.

• Tesla currently operates 5,400 Supercharger outlets globally but plans to expand to 10,000 stations soon.

• The Supercharger stations are designed to provide a greater range with shorter charge times so that EV drivers can be free to plan longer trips.

• Tesla reports that a Supercharger can provide up to 170 miles (273km) of range with as little as 30 minutes of charging.

• Currently, every Tesla already includes an even more feature-rich version of the planning tool in its onboard computer, but the new online tool is designed to court new Tesla customers by demonstrating the robustness of their charging network.

• The Tesla trip planner even estimates potential savings by estimating the cost of gas to make the same trip.

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Carl Michael
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