The Amazing Supercharger Station Network Of Tesla

The Tesla Supercharger is an amazing network of super-fast charging stations for Tesla’s electric vehicles. This provides much longer trips for the vehicles because the battery packs can be charged quickly. The building of the network started in 2012, and by November of 2017 Tesla had 7,320 chargers in 1,043 global locations. The Supercharge stations use DC, or direct current technology. This can provide approximately 120 kW of power for each vehicle. A half-hour charge enables an additional distance of 170 miles, and a full charge only requires roughly 75 minutes. The fastest route between the Supercharge stations can be planned by all Tesla vehicles.

The Supercharging stations do have a cost, but it is much lower than a tank of gasoline. Tesla is planning a major expansion of charging stations expected to reach 15,000 before the close of 2017. This is partially in preparation for the new Model 3 which is expected to raise the demand for the Superstations. The Tesla Supercharger station stalls were designed in pairs. When both are full, the power is shared between both vehicles. This does reduce the charging rate. The power goes directly to the battery, and bypasses the power supply of the internal charger.

A small percentage of the Supercharging stations are using solar panels to provide shade and offset the use of energy. Tesla is planning to increase the number of stations using solar panels. As of May 2017, Tesla owners will be able to give five friends free Supercharging by using a referral code. The service will additionally be free for all purchasers of a new Model X or Model S. Tesla has expressed interest in sharing the stations with other auto manufacturer. No agreements have currently been completed or released for public knowledge. The European market is using a modified version of the stations used for American cars.

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