Tesla’s Tiered Pricing Is a Hurdle, but a Fair One

Tesla is a company that produces some of the most high quality electric cars on the market. They are the ones behind the electric semis, electric sports cars, and so on. One of their most recent releases was the Model S sedan. The car is extremely valuable and has a high asking price. The car is available in a few price ranges. The lower the price is, the less features the car is packed with. One of the complaints among consumers was that Tesla shouldn’t restrict consumers based on the price of the car. They believe that intentionally leaving out key features in order to make more money is simply unethical. Tesla has their reasons though. The company explained the fact that what they do is not only benefitting the company but consumers as well. While the car with the most features will cost the most it would have been much higher had all of the cars been the same cost. The reason is because if there was only one price and the vehicles all had every feature possible then they would not sell as many. In result the company would have to put a high price tag on the cars in order to achieve their goal of income. By lowering the cost of some vehicles they were able to increase sales and therefore lower the price of the higher end model. In the end, Tesla was justified in their decision. Consumers would thank them if they knew the truth.

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Carl Michael
Carl Michael captivated with the gleaming catches inside his awesome uncle's Buick Electra, it didn't take him long to get snared on the auto culture; both in the city and in hustling. Carl has worked for a noteworthy oil organization as a business agent covering a region of 40 corner stores. A while later, he turned into an escort to high positioning legislators and government authorities. Through happy stories, he investigates the connection amongst Driver and Machine. When he is not caught up with expounding on autos, he appreciates driving his 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC or his 2001 Ford F150 7700.