People are increasingly turning to eco-friendly cars for their improved gas mileage, a decreased impact on the environment, and the tax subsidies that are received when you buy certain eco-friendly vehicles. While there are a lot of benefits to driving eco-friendly vehicles, there are some lesser known costs associated with them.

Alternative Sources of Energy

While eco-friendly vehicles come in many forms, some operate on electricity or hydrogen sources. While the quest for eco-friendly vehicles is noble, many are not as efficient for society as you want to believe. For example, you will need to charge your electric car with electricity. If your local power plant is fueled with coal, as an example, then the vehicle may be more economically unfriendly in the long run.

Further, since there isn’t an extensive network of hydrogen stations to fill up your vehicle you may find yourself driving further distances just to fuel up. Further, this may result in contributing to a technologically that is not that standard of the future and may result in a significant amount of waste.

Safety of Eco-Friendly Vehicles

To improve on their overall mileage, which is the main reason that people buy eco-friendly vehicles, many auto manufacturers will make their vehicles lighter and more aerodynamic. A liter frame may be better for your gas mileage but may be a detriment in an car accident. While some auto makers have found ways to marry safety and eco-friendly behaviors, others have cut corners and you may be left with a less safe vehicle when you buy an eco-friendly one.

About those Tax Subsidies

While tax subsidies put money in the pocket of buyers of eco-friendly vehicles as well as the manufacturers themselves, they also distort the underlying economics associated with these eco-friendly vehicles and may limit innovation and improved processes. Technology is always building on itself and the presence of government subsidies for purchases of eco-friendly vehicles can limit the growth of the industry.

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