Renualt-Nissan’s Project Human Drive Will Rigorously Test Driverless Technology

Next year, Renault-Nissan plans on testing the results of their Human Drive Project. Human Drive is an attempt to create an autonomous vehicle capable of handling any driving situation. Part of the project’s objective is to develop driverless technology that makes passengers feel safe and comfortable.

The groundwork for the field test is being laid at Nissan’s European Technical Centre. Hitachi, Cranfield University, and Highways England are among the organizations that consulted on the Human Drive Project. Additional input came from

  • Transport Systems Catapult
  • The University of Leeds
  • Atkins
  • Aimsum Ltd
  • SBD Automotive

The input for the test vehicle’s software will come from human drivers. The drivers’ reaction to conditions created on a simulator will be fed into a computer. “Data-collecting cars” will traverse the 200-mile test course to gather additional input.

Touted as “The most complex journey attempted…without driver input” The chosen course through the UK will subject the test vehicle to all manner of road conditions. It will travel highways and narrow serpentine rural roads. The Human Drive test car will be sent down main thoroughfares testing its responses to stop lights and roundabouts.

Greg Clark Britain’s Business and Energy Secretary is excited about the test. Clark believes the Human Drive Project will position his country in the forefront of the latest transportation technology. He projects that over the next 17 years driverless technology could generate $74 billion for the UK’s economy.

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