The Green Vehicle Revolution

With global sales of “clean and green” vehicles up 63% from 2016, the green vehicle revolution is underway. Customers have numerous options to choose from, with hybrid electric, electric, alternative fuel and other SULEV (Super ultra-low emissions vehicles) designated vehicles leading the way. They offer customers the chance to reduce their expenses at the gas pump and global CO2 emissions.

The global total of electric vehicles has now surpassed 2 million. With constantly increasing battery ranges, lowering production costs, and increasing charging depots, the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise. The Nissan Leaf is currently the world’s best selling electric vehicle with over 300,000 units sold. Yet, Tesla has been consistently gaining market share. Over 450,000 eager customers have put deposits down on its $35,000 Model 3.

Hybrid vehicles offer an alternative to customers that are concerned with charging station availability. An internal combustion engine is combined with an electric engine, reducing gasoline usage. The 2007 Hyundai Ioniq is currently leading the way in fuel economy with an estimated 58 mpg capacity.

While electric and SULEV designated vehicles reduce carbon emissions, they rely on lithium-ion batteries that are difficult to dispose of. In the EU, currently less than 5% of the batteries are being recycled. Currently alternate solutions, such as home energy storage are being explored.

Consumers growing environmental and economic concerns have made green vehicles and excellent choice for the world and your wallet.

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Emily Daniel
Emily Daniel experienced childhood in a games auto arranged family. She has composed for an assortment of auto magazines and sites, Green Auto Shop boss among them. Emily has chipped away at prominent driving recreations as a substance master, notwithstanding working for aviation organizations and programming monsters. She right now lives in a protected, undisclosed area in the American southwestern leave.