Top Gun Hosts Escape Burning Vehicle During Test Run

Although no strangers to danger, Top Gear hosts Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan, managed to escape burning car unscathed. During a test drive segment, Harris and Jordan were driving a pre-production version of an A110 sports car from Alpine, a French automaker. It was during the drive, Harris was informed about flames coming out of the bottom of the vehicle. Upon being informed of the hazardous situation, Harris pulled over and immediately exited alongside Jordan. Shortly after, the car went up in flames, and the car was destroyed.

Despite this tragic event, Jordan claimed the A110 ran smoothly and was impeccable with the experience it provided.
While the cause of the fire is unknown, it is emphasized that the car model was one that was in pre-production. That means that once the cars get on the market, they should run smoothly without any hazardous issues for the most part.

The A110 is supposed to be the French alternative to the Porsche 718 Cayman and Boxster. The last time Alpine had manufactured a car was during the 1990s. At the moment, there are no clear signs as to how this Top Gun fire will affect the delivery schedule for Alpine. However, it should be noted that the A110 will not be sold in the United States.

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