Toyota AI Ventures boosts investment in self-driving startups

One of the most anticipated improvements in car technology over the past few years has been the improved technology in self-driving cars. While many different cars have introduced some form of self-driving capabilities, there has yet to be one that has been fully self-driving.

One company that is continuing to invest in self-driving research for cars is the Toyota Motor Corp. The Toyota Motor Corp has an entire wing of its company that is dedicated to researching new technology that could have a major impact on the car industry. One of the areas that they are focusing on investing in today is AI for cars. AI will have a major impact on how self-driving cars operate. The AI system in a car will be able to make safer driving decisions and be able to react to cars that are on the road.

The Toyota Motor Corp recently announced that it was going to invest another $11 million in a company that is researching ways that AI could be used to improve cars. The company overall has now invested more than $100 million in individual car companies and technology that will go to help improve the technology in future Toyota Motor Corp vehicles.

Once self-driving cars are on the road, it is expected to eventually make a major change to the industry and driving experience. Ultimately, all cars are expected to be self-driving, which could make the roads much safer as cars are able to share information and navigate the roads together.

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