Toyota and Mazda to Share Plant

Toyota and Mazda have each been in business for well over 50 years and are considered two of the most popular and powerful companies in the auto industry. While the two companies typically compete with each other, it appears they are now looking for new ways to work together in an effort to benefit the bottom line of both companies.

In January of 2018 Toyota and Mazda announced that they would be combining forces and building a shared assembly plant that will be used to build the Toyota Corolla and a yet to be named Mazda vehicle, which is expected to be a crossover SUV. The new assembly plant will likely be built in Hunstville, AL and will provide both companies with a great location to build their vehicles.

This will likely not be the last time that Toyota and Mazda will work together. Both Toyota and Mazda have publicly agreed that they will open a new plant in the coming years that will be used to build electric vehicles. However the electric Toyota and Mazda plant has yet to be approved and further details about timing and location are not known.

While Toyota and Mazda will work side by side in the same plant, they will still operate independently. The two organizations will each have their own employees, purchasing staff, and other resources. However, by sharing the cost of building the plant, it could end up reducing the overall overhead costs for each company and allow the cars to be more affordable.

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Joel Stocksdale
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