Toyota Prius Sales Horrible

According to a recent online article, Toyota Prius used to boast of annual sales measuring between 120,000 cars and 140,000 cars annually. As the market has changed in the recent past, consumers have turned their attention to consider alternative choices for their future transportation needs. There are indicators pointing toward increased use of public transport by younger working adults and retired citizens whose lives are spent in more urban sections of the United States.

Technology Issues

The Toyota Prius continues to demonstrate high marks in the area of technical development and reliability. When contrasted with previous Prius models, handling and miles per gallon are noted to be moderately improved. The Toyota Prius’ reliability is largely intact from the standpoint of reviews.


The Toyota Prius is noted to be having a sales year that compares to 2004. As of September 2017, the Prius sold 50,911 units with a projected 70,000 units selling by year’s end according to analysts. It has been in close competition with both the Ford Fusion and the RAV4. In fact, The Ford Fusion has surpassed Prius sales on occasion in the recent past.

Overall, during 2017 hybrid sales are up an estimated 2.45 percent. Meantime, year-over-year liftback sales are down an estimated 42 percent. Gasoline prices may have a small impact on sales, but other factors are believed to be more the responsibility for the decline in Prius sales.


Other hybrids are filling in the volume produced by companies such as Huyndai with the Ioniq, and Kia with the Niro offering modifications in styling and MPG. Plug-in cars and electric cars spawn consumer interest. The Ford Fusion and RAV4 offer a handsome look and cater to interest in the AWD crossover. Thus, alternatives abound and so does consumer interest in those alternatives.

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