Toyota is Bringing Back the Supra

Toyota stopped producing the Supra in 2002, but is looking to revive the model again in 2020. The company wants to use the Supra to bring muscle and excitement to an industry that is shifting towards efficient electrical vehicles.

Toyota will first produce the Supra sports car to use with its race team to try and gain appeal for the vehicle. The company is also hoping to gain valuable information while using it on the track to aid in initial production.

The Supras being sold in European markets will cost between 50,000-60,000 euros and are expected to compete against the Renault Alpine and Porsche Cayman. The United States model is expected to cost in the neighborhood of $50,000.

Initial production will not exceed 10,000 vehicles per year as Toyota is more concerned about gaining appeal and excitement for the vehicle not profits.

Toyota is looking to expand beyond being known for just quality and reliability. To minimize loss due to low production, Toyota is co-producing the Supra with BMW.

Experts are not convinced that the Supra will have the same popularity it had years ago because the market has changed tremendously since the last Supra rolled off the production line.

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