Toyota Prioritizes Safety After Unveiling Self-Driving Cars

Toyota will go through a rigorous testing process after introducing the latest model of self-driving car. The car manufacturer believes this prototype requires a thorough trial period before finally allowing the vehicle to go on the road.

Management takes a cautious and safety-based strategy with regards to self-driving vehicle technology. Toyota Research Institute head Gill Pratt revealed the company’s goal of “No casualties from traffic mishaps.” As one of the leading automakers worldwide, Toyota aims in manufacturing a car that will be the cause of careless highway accidents. Reports said Toyota finalized a deal to conduct the independent car tests at the Go Momentum Station, a test course in California recognized for rough and realistic conditions.

The trial will subject the Toyota vehicle to intense driving sessions including subways and bridges not safe on public thoroughfares. The auto manufacturer already earned the reputation of equipping its cars with fail-safe systems for prevention of accidents. More sophisticated Level 2 features come 2020 will enable drivers not to put their hands on the wheel while driving on freeways.

Cars fitted with these advanced features can automatically overtake, merge, and change lanes on main roads. The company will also unveil a Level 4 feature called Urban Teammate soon that permits driving on all public thoroughfares. Right now, Toyota considers the so-called “Level 3 Autonomy” as too dangerous. The carmaker’s bottom line focuses on state of the art technology that guarantees safety along with reasonable pricing for clients.

Toyota unleashed the company’s newer self-driving motor vehicles more than six months ago although modifications came faster than expected. The manufacturer presented a research vehicle dubbed as Platform 2.1 which made significant progress regarding technological prowess as well as sleek designs. For instance, the Lexus utilizes LIDAR based in modern radar systems from Luminar capable of seeing farther and maps with more data.

The second unveiling presentation for 2017 indicates Toyota has no plans to defer the evolution to self-driving motor vehicles. Other manufacturing giants such as Tesla, BMW, and Chrysler have made substantial gains so far, and Toyota wants to be part of the pack.

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