Toyota’s Platform 3.0 is the Latest Advancement Self-Driving Technology

Next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Toyota will debut the Lexus LS600hl based Platform 3.0 Automated Driving Vehicle. The car’s roof might make you think of a patrol car with a dorsal fin.

Instead of emergency lights the addition to the roof houses sensors and cameras. Those cameras and sensors are what make the car autonomous. The design is both an aesthetic and technological improvement.

While the car is moving it makes people inside more aware of the surrounding environment. The Luminar Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)Radar used on Platform 3.0 has a range of 200 yards and covers the whole circumference of the car. Four high-resolution LiDAR sensors can detect objects obscured by darkness.

There are sensors mounted on the lower part of the vehicle. Barely perceptible, these sensors detect things outside the range of the roof mounted sensors. This would include road debris, animals, and children.

Platform 3.0 is more pleasing visually because it eliminates mounting sensors and cameras all over the body. Blending the sensors and cameras into the body line was a collaborative effort between the Toyota Research Institute and Ann Arbor Michigan based CALTY Design Research. With the Platform 3.0 design function follows form.

From a production standpoint, the unit’s design makes it easy to manufacture on a large scale. Toyota plans on offering a limited number of Platform 3.0s to the mass market this spring. The car is displayed in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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