U.S. finalizes long-delayed ‘quiet cars’ rule, extending deadline to 2020

The US Department of Transportation finalized and approved a delay to a rule that will require so called “quiet” vehicles to produce a minimum amount of noise when travelling at speeds below 20 mph. The rule will typically apply to vehicles like electric and hybrid vehicles and are intended to keep pedestrians and other travelers on the road a little more safe than if they were not able to hear an approaching vehicle.

First demanded by the administration of Barack Obama in 2010, the original legislation required that 50% of quiet vehicles incorporate this technology by 2019. This latest extension pushes the expectation to full compliance to 2020 and is in ine with original expectations. This will allow automakers a reasonable amount of time to work out any technological issues and meet the full compliance requirement.

It is no secret that the proponents of the environment have pushed legislators to demand lower and lower emissions standards from automobiles around the country with California leading the way. Automakers have fine tuned tuned and tweaked existing technology as far as they can and substantial improvements in the near future seem unlikely. This has led lawmakers and legislators to mandate that manufacturers begin making the investments required to increase the number of electrically powered vehicles over the next several years.

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