UAE Getting More Toyota Eco-Friendly Cars

The hybrid cars will be part of the Dubai taxi fleet while the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) will control their environmentally friendly transport solutions. RTA has launched 20 vehicles, all Toyota Camry, which will consume 33% less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by 33% compared to conventional vehicles.

The RTA is making unremitting efforts to ensure that transit infrastructure systems are developing with respect for the environment and meet the growing transport needs of the Emirate. The introduction of hybrid vehicles is one of the measures that RTA is taking to support the efforts of the Dubai government to create a greener and cleaner Emirate. Hybrid cars have long term benefits that will help UAE.

Toyota wants to introduce more environmentally friendly cars to the UAE, which uses the nation to achieve the company’s goals.The Japanese car manufacturer wants to have fifteen million hybrids across the streets by 2020. Currently, the company has 1,200 super hybrids in the United Arab Emirates, but there is an ecological model available. Mr. Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Toyota’s general manager for the North Africa and Middle East, confirmed to National that the enterprise is planning to upsurge its hybrid products in the country.

This corresponds to the ambitions of the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai.The project is carried out in collaboration with Al Futtaim Moteurs, which offers vehicles and maintenance and vehicle monitoring services. The start took place from a pilot project of hybrid taxis, which began between 2008 and 2011 with 10 vehicles. The vehicle moves easily from electricity to gasoline. Interestingly, hybrid taxis need not be developed.
In 2015, the Toyota began work on the 2050 environmental challenge to reduce vehicle emissions by 90%. The Toyota Prius is currently the only model in the United Emirates, but the organization has hybrid models for Lexus, Avalon, Highlander, and Camry.

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