USA still using a Record Amount of Gas

Many nations of the world have become concerned with the burning of fossil fuels and the potential damage that this can do to the environment and to life as we know it. Despite these concerns and a push for alternative energy sources to replace the consumption of gas and other fossil fuels, gas consumption in the United States is still at an all-time high.

Reducing Gas Consumption is Harder than a Slogan

Fast food chains often put diet options on the menu like salad and slim options, but these items don’t sell despite many people railing against the high calories in fast food. The same is true with gas consumption. While many people criticize the burning of fossil fuels, few people will turn off their heat or air conditioning to less energy consumption, use public transportation like buses or bicycles, or drive less. As such, the reality is that gas consumption remains higher than you might expect it to.

Alternative Energy is Not as Advanced as it Will Be

Alternative energies are providing great future options for reducing gas consumption, but the technologies are not currently as advanced as they can one day become. Hybrid cars still burn a significant amount of gas and much of the solar and wind energy generated is lost in the transmission process. As such, alternative energy has not replaced gas consumption the way it one day will.

Lack of Public Transportation

The United States has not built out a network of trains the way countries in Europe and Asia have, partly due to lower population densities, and therefore people are still as reliant on gas powered cars as they always have been. This has led to people continuing to drive and consuming gas in increasing quantities as the population grows.

Gas Prices Remain Cheap

New gas extraction methods and a global glut of gas has led to lower gas prices. As such, gas prices are cheap and Americans continue to consume more gas in massive quantities. Higher prices and taxes on gases may be able to push innovation and conservation.

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