Volkswagen ID To Be Released in 2019

Volkswagen has invested a great deal of time in developing it’s electric car line. In Pairs, during the 2016 Pairs Auto Show, Volkswagen introduced their concept of the electric car, which they call the Volkswagen ID. The Volkswagen ID line has now set a date for the release of this long anticipated line of battery operated cars. November 2019!

In 2019 the electric car will be in production. The Volkswagen ID is a hatchback that is comparable in size to the Volkswagen Golf. The interior of the car is described to be comparable to the mid-sized Passat sedan. The 168 horsepower electric motor is located in the rear of the car, giving designers more flexibility for the interior of the car. This feature also allows for a shorter front end.

Without final details from Volkswagen, is estimating that the battery life of the Volkswagen ID cars will provide about 60 kilowatt of power. That means that this electric car will provide a range of travel about 200 miles of travel.

United States fans of the Volkswagen company may be excited about the news. But U.S. fans will have to wait. The Volkswagen ID will not be sold in the U.S. In 2020 however, another electric car, the VW ID crossover will be released as announced at the Los Angeles Car Show.

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Carl Michael
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