Volvo Cars Use Ocean Waste

In today’s world of environmental awareness amid a push to go green car makers are beginning to feel the demand of customers wanting cars are more better for the environment. Many national car brands are starting to develop hybrid cars and fully electric cars to satisfy this demand by customers. Volvo is taking a new step forward in the green world by developing cars that use ocean waste for key parts of the engine used in the vehicle. These new cars are also being used in a scientific way because for each person that buys one of these cars Volvo will donate money to an organization equipping boats with sensors to help scientists calculate information in remote parts of the ocean. Companies like Volvo are pushing the green agenda forward and is using corporate responsibility to build a great reputation among car customers as a company that actually cares about social issues facing the Earth.

The initiative benefiting the scientific organization is very important to people around the world. The statistics gathered by these sensors on boats traveling to remote parts of the ocean will provide scientists real-time information on pollution levels and how storms develop. It will also help scientists detect new weather patterns in the air. Some of the statistics being found are water level, water temperature, how acidic or non-acidic the water is, and other helpful statistics. Volvo is really pushing the envelope on how companies interact with the environment.

With more and more people wanting companies to go green Volvo is becoming a leader in the green agenda. Using ocean waste in their cars will greatly help the ocean and wildlife. This will provide a spark to other companies that want to do things like this but maybe hesitant too. Hopefully, with other companies joining in, the world will be a much greener place.

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Emily Daniel
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