Volvo Is Looking To Phase Out the Conventional Engines and Here Is Why

We have been dealing with conventional engines for a long period of time, and some insiders are saying too long. Volvo announced recently they are looking to take their whole brand and turn it into an electric commodity. Volvo is looking to start this by no later than 2019. Volvo is looking to produce hybrids or engines that need batteries.

According to many industry insiders, this is a bold move. It is a bold move for two simple reasons. One, the Volvo brand only represents a small portion of the car industry. Two, many of the bigger car brands are still looking to keep the conventional engine around.

Volvo’s choice is starting to signal a small shift within the car industry. The gas guzzlers are starting to become obsolete.

“More of our customers are inquiring about the electric car. We have been getting more of these inquiries than compared to our traditional engines. This comes down to a business. We have to answer to the greater majority of our customer base. We impose a great risk on ourselves by not fading out the combustion engines”.

–Representative from Volvo.

Other car companies have been asked similar questions regarding the fate of their businesses. They all have said that, although they have no intention of fading out the traditional cars yet, they are putting more money into creating the hybrids and other electric cars.

“The diesel engines are more expensive to produce these days. We have to look into other options. This undertaking is going to be slow and transitional, but it will be worth it. The combustion engine has become a dying breed. We have to keep up with the rest of the world. Technology is forever changing, so we have to follow suit”. 

-Representative from Mercedes-Benz.

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Carl Michael
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