Ach Du Lieber! Volkswagen Embroiled in Another Scandal Concerning Emmissions

Remember “Emissionsgate” aka “Diesel Gate”? For seven years 2008- 2015 Volkswagen was selling diesel cars with rigged emissions software.

The software on VW’s TDI diesel engine was set up to only work when being tested for emissions standards compliance. In the real world, the software would shut itself down.

Since “cheaters never prosper” (unless they become the highest selling car brand in the world) VW was found out by the Environmental Protection Agency. A theory has it the scandal helped Renault-Nissan replace VW as the sales champion.

Between the cost of developing honest software and fines leveled by a Federal Judge VW’s ingenuity cost the company $46.32 million.

Now, Volkswagen is trying to rebuild its public image. VW’s Chief Lobbyist Thomas Steg and others at VW decided the best way to do that was by gassing monkeys and humans with diesel fumes. The objective was to prove that diesel fumes are safe to breathe.

The testing was ordered by the European Research Group of Environment and Health in the Transport Sector and conducted by Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute a US company. While sucking diesel exhaust for four hours 10 Java monkeys got to hang out in sealed chambers watching cartoons. The human subjects were 25 volunteers.

When this scandal broke Thomas Steg in a “You can’t fire me I quit” type move offered his resignation. He is currently suspended pending the results of introspection at VW. The company has also attempted to suppress studies that show diesel fumes are carcinogenic.

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Carl Michael
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