A Modular Future Could Be On The Horizon With The VW ID Buzz

It has been known for several months that Volkswagen has been working on a modular style vehicle that they are calling the ID Buzz. It looks like a 1960’s style microbus with electric modular style features. The company announces that they plan to have the vehicle on the assembly line and out to consumers by 2022. The thing is that it looks like rival manufactuers are taking note and they too may join in the modular electric ballgame.

The future is certainly endless for these type of vehicles. People would be able to envision Lego style vehicles. It would only require a person to have to buy a cab and chassis battery assembly then have accessories in which they would be able to purchase to make their own custom vehicle. What could happen is that there would be fewer parts needed to make the vehicle which means that they would be able to last for a very long time. There is a possibility that an electric modular vehicle would be one that could last for in upwards of 1,000,000 miles which is certainly something that no one today has ever heard of.

VW’s venture into the electric modular vehicle would mean that it would bring bigger margins for the company due to very few parts needed in order for the vehicle to run. It would all of the costs of the vehicle into the modular and electric components. The future is now with the VW ID Buzz and it is one that could be very bright all across the automotive industry.

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Carl Michael
Carl Michael captivated with the gleaming catches inside his awesome uncle's Buick Electra, it didn't take him long to get snared on the auto culture; both in the city and in hustling. Carl has worked for a noteworthy oil organization as a business agent covering a region of 40 corner stores. A while later, he turned into an escort to high positioning legislators and government authorities. Through happy stories, he investigates the connection amongst Driver and Machine. When he is not caught up with expounding on autos, he appreciates driving his 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC or his 2001 Ford F150 7700.