Automobiles have impacted today society. The reason why is because there is a car dealership in parts in the world all around the world. These dealerships assist people with cars. Automobile companies also assist people with large varieties of luxury cars. People in today’s world like to have variety. Without variety there would not be a large market to choose from. Because back in the day there was not many cartridges choose from as today. You want to make sure that you give people a variety that brings out your style and complements it. Specially when dealing with very complex individuals. Make sure that you meet every single need of that complex individual. You can only do so when you provide lots of variety because they are more prone to choose something from off the market. The automobile Industry is changing every day. For an example there are such things called butterfly doors on a vehicle. This is an example of how society is changing for the better because we are offering people a wide range of variety. You also have certain cars in the market that are for families , these vehicles on the market very good because they are full of room for large families. The automobile industry is changing greatly today; Changing many lives for the better. Our world as we know it is changing every single day and technology has greatly had something to do with that it’s great to know that the world is improving.