Negative effects of nkt ‘going green’?

As most people know by now, the world is becoming very polluted. Do to the fast-paced economies and factories, there are a lot of harmful emissions being pumped into the air, water, and ground. Although it is happening at a very slow pace, the actions of the people are starting to catch up with us. One of the biggest worries among people is the harmful emissions produced from vehicles. Due to the fact that cars are probably the most commonly used machinery that produces harmful bi-products, people have felt the need to find an alternative. As a result, there have come green cars- or cars that produce less of the harmful chemicals that harm our planet. The only thing is, not everyone is taking up on this idea. The majority of people still drive their regular old cars. So what will happen if we don’t officially ‘go green’? Well, in the instance of cars, there are a few things that will happen. First of all, we will eventually run of out gas to power them. Gas is produced from resources that are pumped out of the ground which are not unlimited. With the upcoming popularity of electric cars, they would be able to possibly cut the need for gas altogether. The next thing that would happen is that over time, our air would become very polluted. There are already countries with air that is deemed unsafe to breathe. If we don’t change our driving habits, that will soon be the case across our country as well. It may not happen any time soon, but we need to go green or else we will be living in a polluted world. With the advancements being made, hopefully we can see that the majority of people will partake in going green.