What is the best eco friendly car?

In the 1990s, electric cars got put on sale in California, a few thousand in number. Each car used different charging styles, with it’s own specific charging station. Electric cars eliminate the need for fossil fuel use, reducing the carbon footprint of the individual driving. Infrastructure for these cars cost money and for a while these cars went underground, resurfacing in 2011. Modern electric cars except the Teslas use a round charging connector called a J-1772. Tesla does however; provide an adaptor cable so public stations can be used with a special receptacle except in China.

In 2011, charging cords were matched to the 120-volt wall current to charge the battery, also known as level 1 charging. Level 2 charging stations used 240-volt current, similar to an electric stove. Car owners needed to install a level 2 charging station back then. The Aerovironment TurboCord consists of a normal charging cable, connected to a plastic box that had the electronics inside. Companies now offer a pair of interchangeable plugs that the industry has called “pigtails.” One plug has a three-prong grounded 120-volt plug, while the other has another one that fits into a 240-volt wall socket.

Audi has a dual-voltage charging cord made up of a NEMA 6-50 pigtail, and there is the option of ordering a NEMA 14-50 pigtail at higher cost. Except Nissan, three other countries use European 230-volt current, which means that a U.S. 120-volt current is a lower grade than a standard charging cord. Electric cars will soon become commonplace as they already are. They are the wave of the future, since fossil fuels are becoming more and more expensive to maintain. Electric cars are helpful in reducing global warming trends, and will continue to be prolific in the current economic market. Electric cars are becoming popular, with the potential to replace gasoline powered cars eventually.

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