What Kinds of Sickness Are Gas Emissions Causing In The World?

There are probably very few people on the planet who haven’t heard about “greenhouse” gases and their negative effect on the environment. Since most of the problem stems from mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels the rising popularity of electric cars is understandable. All the toxins that fossil fuels release into the air do more than foul the atmosphere, they are also responsible for the spread of disease to previously unaffected areas where people haven’t had years to develop immunity to them.

  • Due to the gradual warming of our planet, insects are able to travel a wider area, spreading disease as they go.
  • People don’t have to smoke to develop cancer, simply breathing in some areas is all it takes.
  • With a much warmer, wetter climate in East Africa, malaria cases are on the rise in areas that never had a problem with it before.

It’s amazing that even with all the evidence to the contrary, some people still argue there is no such thing as “Global Warming” and changing weather patterns or, the spread of disease has nothing to do with what you use to power your transportation. Attitudes like that only make sense if you sell gas or oil for a living. Imagine what the world would be like with no need for fossil fuels and let that be your guide when it’s time to go car shopping.

Some people laughed at the first electric cars but they aren’t laughing now. The human race can no longer afford to keep pouring poison into the air when there is an alternative. Electric cars are by no means “weak.” They have the power necessary to get through busy city traffic or blend in with other traffic on the interstate with no problem. Changing the natural order of things isn’t a good idea and the effect of the greenhouse gases this planet is choking on are an excellent example of that.

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Emily Daniel
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