Wow, the times just keep on elevating! Electric cars are extremely quiet, so quiet they could actually sneak up on you. More and more people are opting for electric care, but they need more than gas to make them run. Electric cars need an outlet.

If you are thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, it is highly suggested that you call a licensed electrical contractor prior to buying the car. They will be able to get you comfortable on the differences of level one and level two charging systems for the vehicle. Level one charging systems are plugged into a fifteen to twenty amp by 120 volt dedicated outlet. Level two charging systems are plugged into a forty amp by two-hundred forty volt dedicated outlet. There are many benefits to having the level two charging system. You would be getting more volume of power into your on board charging system, allowing the charging to be faster and more effective. A typical level one charger will give the driver approximately three to five miles of driving time per one hour of charging time. A level two charger is about two to three times that. This is a huge convenient factor that plays a role in all of this: You can charge your vehicle at your own home, versus going to a gas station.

With an electric car there are no engine oil changes, or oil filters. There is also not any transmission fluid to change, or an exhaust system. The only required maintenance for an electric car is tire rotations , air filter changes, and break fluid changes. Visual inspections are also highly recommended. Break pads last significantly longer because breaking is done by the electric motors regenerating energy for the battery. Most modern electric cars come with eight year warranties that guarantee sufficient battery life for those eight years.

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