Will The Fuel Economy Rules of 2025 Remain?

The election of United States president, Donald Trump in 2016 has risen many eye brows for many reasons, one in particular being that of fuel economy regulations.

For better or for worse, many corporate limiting regulations related to emissions, natural fuels and employment are to be altered, leaving corporations scratching their heads, especially with the current gas-mileage rules in place set by the Obama administration with a specific goal between 2022 – 2025 for reducing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions by 540 million metric tons.

According to the NHTSA, the administration has already gotten the ball going for possible alterations to the current fuel economy standards.

The EPA has even claimed to be in consideration of lightning the restrictions on greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions, after holding strict to its previous standards of limitations.

Twitter Followers have mixed reactions to these new proposals, and were asked, by “Green Car Reports” what do they think would happen to the gas mileage rules as a result.

• 16% – They’ll stay adopted

• 35% – Minor tweaks and adjustments

• 14% – Frozen at 2022 level

• 35% – Roll back even lower

70% have a negative view of the change – “roll back even lower” and minor tweaks and adjustments” and 30% were more on the positive side, predicting that the rule of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 will remain steady as expected.

The current restrictions of North America on fuel economy as opposed to China and European is lower already. It is really necessary to lower the restrictions even further? Consumers are more in agreeance to tougher fuel-economy requirements as the cost of owning a vehicle over the long-run is cheaper for consumers.

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