As years go by, technology is becoming more and more advanced. Changes are being made to make life simpler and efficient. One of the main things that are changing is vehicles. They are now being updated to make driving easier and gas saving. Creating stop-start technology in cars is one way but is it harming your car or helping. Studies show that stop-start cars save on fuel but is that all it does? Having this particular kind of car means that when the car isn’t moving, it automatically shuts itself off. Imagine driving down the road and stopping at a stop sign or letting pedestrians cross the road. Now put yourself in a situation where you woke up late cause your alarm didn’t ring and your rushing to get dress and head out. When your late, you tend to go faster but always stop at stop signs or red lights and your car shuts off every time. Many mechanics can tell you that turning off and turning back on a car can cause serious problems. Stop-start cars do this automatically so imagine the toll it puts on the car. Having a car do this over and over again will cause wear and tear between the crankshaft and main bearings because not enough lubrication is going towards it. Taking trips to the mechanic can be costly and hoping they have the part can also be a struggle. Like all new technology coming out, they all pose their own downfalls but have a good standing in making technology great.

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Joel Stocksdale
Joel Stocksdale has more than a quarter century joined car industry and car news coverage encounter that he conveys to Green Auto Shop perusers. Over the thirteen years that he possessed a car business, he worked straightforwardly with each significant auto mark in the vehicle business and got comfortable with all makes and models of autos. His energy for autos drove him to put over the most recent twelve years in car news coverage where he conveys all that experience to his perusers as he expounds on the vehicle business and the most recent test autos he drives.