Who manufactures Tesla’s battery

Who are the manufacturers of Tesla’s electric car batteries? Whether electric, hybrid or plug-in, the low emission car is characterized by an essential piece, its battery pack. We are therefore witnessing buyouts from battery manufacturers by competitors, and also by car manufacturers.

The electric car battery sector has become a leading field where technologies are constantly evolving. The winner will be the one who finds the way to produce high capacity batteries at the lowest cost. The battery war is global and goes well beyond the zero emission car, be it electric, hybrid or plug-in.

Dubbed the Gigafactory, a factory built by Tesla in the Nevada desert should be operational by 2017. Tesla will manufacture the batteries for their cars with a plant so big that it will be divided into 4 independent structures so that it does not collapse completely in the event of an earthquake. The plant will be able to host no less than 130 football fields.

Elon Musk does not expect to wait until the end of the project to use his gigafactory. The boss also intends to establish a factory of the same type in Europe. Just three years after being announced by Elon Musk, the Tesla “Gigafactory” has started production.

Here is the breathtaking factory where Tesla will produce its batteries. Still under construction, this gigantic industrial site will produce the Tesla batteries from 2017. Thanks to its great automation, the cost of a battery will be reduced by 30%.

The manufacturer of powerful electric cars launched the mass production of the cells composing its lithium-ion batteries in the already operational robotic workshops. This is the project that makes America dream. Ultimately, all the steps of manufacturing a battery will be done on site.

Finally, lithium-metal-polymer (LMP) batteries have outstanding performance (a life of 10 years and autonomy of nearly 120 miles), but heavy use constraints. Best of all, these batteries will be 10% lighter than current batteries. Lithium-ion polymer (Li-Po) batteries are also available which are light and easy to model thanks to the use of gelled electrolyte. The trend remains, however, for partnerships between battery manufacturers, R & D centers and car manufacturers.

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