Will Electric cars save the planet?

Electric cars are becoming a very popular idea among consumers. The idea has sparked the interest of many people who think that traditional cars are too harmful for our environment. The new electric cars feature a different means of powering the vehicle. Traditional vehicles use an engine that runs on the burning of fuel. Electric cars however, use a battery that is charged with electricity to power the vehicle. Of course the idea appears amazing. Electric cars will get rid of the need for fuel thus completely reducing emissions, right? Well, not completely. While it is true that electric cars reduce the harmful emissions quite a bit, they don’t completely prevent cars from releasing toxins. In fact, the batteries used to power the car put off some harmful chemicals into the environment. There are a few other things that make people weary about the idea of buying an electric car. First of all, they do not have that much horsepower. Some of the top of the line electric cars do however provide a nice amount of power. For example, the Tesla roadster is said to put out about 288 horsepower. Most of the electric cars on the market however, will put out a measly 100-130 horsepower. Neither of these are even comparable to some of the most powerful fuel powered cars. Additionally, they do not have the range availability that fuel powered cars do. Some of the best electric cars can go about 250 miles on a full charge. Gas cars have the ability to go quite a bit farther than that with a full tank of gas. For a nice electric car, you’re looking at upwards of $70K. Now don’t get me wrong, electric cars may save the planet some day, they are just going to need some work.
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Joel Stocksdale
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